How to Research and Pick Products to Sell on Amazon

Top selling items on Amazon in 2022: what to sell online right now

If you’re wondering how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon, it’s all in the research. And that’s not a one-time job, either.

Your first strategy may not stand the test of time, so keep challenging it and adjusting as you go.

Tips for finding profitable products to sell on Amazon

Picking a popular category means competing with Amazon itself.

Amazon will put its own-branded products ahead of yours in search results, whether they rank as high or not. Amazon Basics products will also likely be cheaper than yours.

Picking a popular category could mean saturation and higher ad costs.

Competing in a market that is well-established is a risky strategy, you need to bring something new to the table. Plus, if you are competing with a lot of others, the cost of your advertising will be higher too, which isn’t ideal if you’re just starting out.

Keep an eye on wider consumer behaviours.

Consumer behavior is always changing and although unprecedented events like COVID-19 don’t happen every day, demands do change, and savvy sellers need to stay on top to survive.

Find the data and stick to it.

Figuring out what to sell on Amazon to make money needs to be data-driven. Don’t pick a product simply because you like it, you need to find evidence that it will perform in the market.

The best products to sell on Amazon FBA change constantly.

They depend not just on what they are and the category they belong to, but how the seller lists them, when, and how they leverage the tools on the platform.

Only by bringing together these multiple factors and staying informed about the industry and market as it evolves, can you dominate the e Commerce beast that is

How to Source Products for Amazon

What comes next after research? Sourcing your products – and fortunately, it’s not rocket science.

How you buy your Amazon products depends on your business model. Below we outline what these look like, and guides that help with where to buy products to sell on Amazon for each model.

The bottom line

There are many methods you can use when it comes to how to find products to sell on Amazon—and only a few require an upfront financial commitment.

Startups can try retail arbitrage and print-on-demand to find products to sell on Amazon with few upfront costs. Artisans making unique handmade goods find a special home in Amazon’s Handmade section.

Wholesale, direct, and private label sourcing lets you test the waters with resell products, develop a branded line on a budget, or offer truly unique goods.

Starting the process with research is critical to your success. Amazon’s Best Seller and Movers and Shakers pages give you valuable insight into what’s selling now. Best of all, research helps you take advantage of the pros of each sourcing method, and avoid the cons, as you search for profitable, in-demand products to sell on Amazon & always stay on top of Amazon Tax Reporting to estimate investments & profits down the road.