Top Solar Companies: 9 Best Solar Energy Companies of 2021 in MS

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How does a solar energy system work? There are more and more homeowners that are upgrading their properties and converting to a clean energy source, and this would typically be available with the help of solar companies. You could get excellent solar panels installation services in Jackson Mississippi and could help in minimizing your environmental footprint and even reduce and eliminate household energy expenses. You have to do your research on the best and most reliable residential solar panel expenses. Here are the top solar companies: 9 best solar energy companies of 2021.

9 Top Solar Companies of 2021

  1. SunPower

SunPower offers the following:

  • Virtual consultations where you would be able to chat with a one-on-one consultant and a power expert and be able to ask any questions that you might have about how solar panels work.
  • Provide you with a “design studio” application that would allow you to virtually design your own solar power system.
  • An online calculator that would make it easier for you to determine how much electricity you may or may not save once you upgrade to solar panels.
  1. Sunrun
  • Each system is customized to address the customer’s needs and it does not do “one size fits all” when it comes to solar panel installation.
  • Sunrun leads in terms of flexibility in solar financing options and makes sure that solar power is accessible and affordable.
  • You would be able to book a virtual consultation with Sunrun;s solar energy experts which makes it easier to explore all of your options and determine which solar setup is right for your home energy needs.
  • They offer extraordinary peace of mind that proves to you that your solar system would be able to prove durable and reliable.
  1. Tesla
  • Offers a price match guarantee and affordable financing options.
  • They make some of the best solar batteries, which would then allow you to save all of your excess power and access it on demand.
  • Tesla’s advanced solar panel technology would fuse you with low-profile, sleek style with long-term durability.
  1. LG
  • They have a 25-year warranty that would cover all of the technology and work completed by its solar installers.
  • There is an online “solar concierge” service that would allow you to evaluate your energy needs and compare different types of solar panels.
  • The company has a manufacturer that has a wide range of panels and all of the other solar equipment that supplies you with plenty of information to make a fully informed choice.
  1. Solar Alternatives
  • They have an authorized installer for all major solar manufacturers
  • Solar Alternatives been awarded top marks from the BBB and Angie’s List
  • They offer $0 down financing
  • Excellent customer service
  • They integrate attractive designs into each home
  • They have the experience and qualifications to install on historic properties
  • They have built great relationships with many homeowner associations
  • They have certified installers who are attentive, professional, and efficient
  • They use only Tier 1 solar panel products —many of which are US-made
  1. Vivint
  • The company emphasized safety because they use the highest caliber of solar panels and backed everything with a world-class warranty.
  • They offer some specialized technology like solar-powered vehicle chargers.
  • They make their entire process simple and they handle all of the little details for you, including securing permits, filing the right paperwork, helping you get tax credits and more.
  • The projects of Vivint are customized and they tailor everything to fit your roof and help you achieve your home energy goals.
  1. Enphase Energy
  • Enphase uses smart technology that could update itself and all you need to do is connect it to your home internet.
  • They design solar technology with safety in mind, which means that they may or may not include fire safety that all of the other companies can’t match.
  • They have one of the best applications in the solar industry which would make it simple to monitor your home energy use.
  • All of their microinverters are built for durability and they could hold up even in the most severe weather events.
  1. Canadian Solar
  • The solar panels of Canadian Solar could boast exceedingly high energy efficiency rates.
  • They have won many awards for their first-class innovations.
  • They offer a wide range of products, from power converters to energy storage solutions.
  1. Go Solar Group
  • Go Solar Group has custom-designed solar systems that would be able to meet the needs of each home.
  • They work with some of the most trusted installers in the solar power industry.
  • They also offer free home solar assessments in order to help you decide on whether or not you think solar panels are worth it for your roof.

How We Chose the Best Solar Energy Companies

Here are some of the criteria, offerings, and assessments that you could consider when you are choosing the best solar energy company that you could consider:

  • Extent of service area
  • Warranty
  • Range of services
  • Cost of solar panels
  • Financing options
  • Temperature coefficient
  • Solar panel efficiency

Benefits of Solar Energy

  1. Solar tax credit and rebates

This is one of the bigger advantages of getting into solar and there are a number of ways to choose renewable energy that could save you money. Both the federal and state government has a list of financial incentives that would be able to make your solar power more attractive and accessible to homeowners.

  1. Cleaner energy

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of homeowners choose to install your solar cells because it allows them to embrace clean energy sources. You would be able to power your home with renewable energy that comes from the sun rather than depend on fossil fuels.

  1. Lower electricity bills

There is an option that is called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that would be able to allow you to own a solar system or other renewable energy systems from a utility provider. You would have this in exchange for lower energy rates. Embracing solar power would be able to help you save some money by slashing your electricity bills.

Narrowing down all of the possible solar companies in Jackson, Mississippi, for your home could be hard. Installing solar panels may or may not be a very daunting endeavor despite all of the many perks of choosing solar energy for your residential home, or commercial building. Remember that you have to look for an installer that has a great reputation and that is well-regarded in the industry when you are looking for the best solar energy company for your home.